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Day Trip Options

We offer Private day trip experiences with no lodging for 1 to 4 people

------Horse care 101 (included with all horseback rides) (approx 30 min)

Free & required

Learn to groom, saddle, bridle, sit correctly in the saddle, rein, balance, shift your weight as necessary etc.. on "your" horse for the day.

Private horseback ride (Guided) (approx 3 hours) 

$89 pp

Mount your steed and ride with your guide through private pastures and up on our private mountain trails. Cross streams, wind your way up and down several switchbacks. See authentic moonshine sites and pass places such as "Inspiration Point", "Moonshine Flat", "Black Bear Saddle", or "Gray Fox Gully" and finish your ride by taking your horse through "The Bathtub" before emerging back into "Paradise Holler" to end your ride. Finish up by unsaddling and giving your horse a quick groom and hand fed treat before releasing him back into the pasture until next time. Shoes with a heel or boots are highly recommended. Helmets are provided.


Shotgun Shooting / 22 Target Shooting / Axe Throwing / Archery (Guided) (approx 3 hours)

$89 pp

Shoot a 20 gauge or 12 gauge shotgun at clay pigeons launched into the air at various angles with an electronic skeet thrower in the beautiful setting in "Paradise Holler". Each guest will get 25 shots. Then test your skill with our 22 lever action rifle and pistol as you shoot at various targets to try and break our frontier records held by previous guests. Our guns are open sight and single shots without scopes so you'll have a chance to shoot like a real cowboy. Electronic ear protection and eye protection are provided as well as snacks and non-alcoholic beverages included. Extra shots are available for cost of ammo. Then move over to our Axe Throwing facility and learn to throw like Davy Crockett. Compete against your friends and learn to throw like a pro. Close toed shoes are required for axe throwing. No flip flops etc... are allowed. Once you've axe thrown, move on to your archery adventure. Shooting the Genisis compound bows used in high school competitions. Shoot the traditional target at various ranges to hone your bow skills before moving onto our realistic animal targets. Here you will shoot Deer and Bear for a more realistic experience in bow hunting with different scoring zones on each.

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