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How To Book Your Day Adventure or Overnight Stay With Us


Overnight stays with us must now be booked through AirBnB  (see below)

All Horse Rides must also be booked through AirBnB experiences  (see below)

Shooting/Axe Throwing/Archery experience is reserved by calling or texting 435-647-6412 (see below)

Alisa's famous home cooked meals are still available.

We will email our menus to you upon request after your booking is confirmed.

Dinner of your choice includes: salad, main course, dessert and beverages $25 each

Lunch includes: Burgers, Pizzas, Wraps, Fresh Deli and beverages $15 each

Country Breakfast is Included with your room price




To Book an Overnight Stay or Multiple nights up to 7
$159 per night.

1. Decide the number of days you would like to stay with us. See each suite description HERE

2. The $159 price is the price for 1 or 2 people per room and includes a full home cooked country breakfast.

3. Click here for our Airbnb page

Lonesome Dove Suite.

4. Click here for our Airbnb page

Tombstone Suite.​


Horse Riding Experience
$89 per person
Approximately 3 hours

We have 4 different horse rides that we do here at EFA. 

1. Introduction to each horse and it's background and personality.

2. Groom, Comb, Clean Feet and learn basic care.

3. Learn proper way to saddle, bridle, mount, stop, start and turn your horse.

4. Ride in pasture and mountain.

5. 2nd, 3rd and 4th rides, can either repeat #1 or ride trails that get progressively more challenging as well as longer "in the saddle" time.

6. Only Overnight stays with us include a buy one ride, get one ride free during your stay with a minimum 2 night stay.

NOTE: **Can only be used by the same person/people riding.  Cannot be extended to the next stay or another date.**

7. Click the link below to book your ride

Horse Riding Experience


Shotgun Clay Pigeons, 22 Rifle and Pistol, Axe Throwing and Archery Competition
$89 per person
Approximately 3 hours

Challenge your group with our competition shooting and throwing series.  Shoot launched clay pigeons with either a 20 gauge or 12 gauge shotgun... scoring points for each pigeon hit.... then add to your score with our 22 targets. Point values are based on difficulty of the shot with both our lever action rifle and 22 revolver pistol. 

Add to your overall score with our axe throwing activity while competing against your group member.

Finally, decide the overall champion with the Archery experience, shooting at lifelike deer and bear from various distances.

NOTE:** Call us to reserve your shooting experience for your group. Cannot be booked online**

Cost is per person $89

Experience lasts about 3 hours.

435-647-6412 text or call

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